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Sunday, April 4, 2010

I was watchin the Red Sox opening day game and Dr. Dre was being interviewed for his monster beats, when asked the question what his at bat song would be, him and co founder of monster beat Jimmy Iovine both confirm that Dr. Dre is coming out with a a new single with Jay-z called "Under Pressure".

Travie Mccoy "Lazarus" album artwork ..Gym Class Heroes lead on his first solo project. I'm hyped for this after hearing "Billionaire" off the album. Feel like its gonna be an ill summer album.

Pharrell interview ..He's one of the realest dudes ever, i cop all my style off this dude. Reveals his new N.E.R.D. album name "Nothing"

Tademark Mixtape "Fly Society Presents: Trademark-Da SkyDiver Issue One" ..Given the tape a few listens its ill. Follows the Fly Society flow and swag, check it out.

Trademark Da Skydiver Issue One Download -

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