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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Choice Streetwear

Check out this blog on the up and coming streetwear company..

Check out this blog on the up and coming streetwear company..

Sunday, June 13, 2010





Monday, May 3, 2010

Curren$y ft. Trademark Da Skydiver - Roasted

This is the song that I recorded Curren$y recording and writing..came out dope. Off Trademark's upcoming album later this month.

Curren$y Roasted Download -

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Curren$y recording in studio 5/2

New song he jus recorded tonight got him spittin over the beat and in the studio..
Early version over beat

recorded version -1 bar

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Eminem - Not Afraid

New Eminem track..been pretty hyped over the alst week. I'm all good with the song cept for the hook.

Eminem Not Afraid
Eminem Not Afraid Download -

Marky - Run On

Marky, who has developed to become one of my favorite new artists, throws a hot track down with a Johnny Cash hook...dope.

Marky Run On
Marky Run On Download -

Big Sean ft. Kanye West - Whatever You Want (Snippet)

I didnt even throw a dl link cuz who wants a snippet but you can jam to it below.

Big Sean Whatever You Want

Game 400 Bars Video

I actually like this video fuck watchin for 20 minutes tho..

The Game "400 Barz" Official Video from Taydoe Kidd on Vimeo.

Curren$y Pilot Talk Preview Party

Album drops May 18...BOUT.FUCKIN.TIME.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jay-Z - Maybach Music (lost verse)

Much thanks for Splash puttin the alternate verse in on this it goes hard.

Jay Z Maybach Music 2 2dope
Jay-Z Maybach Music Lost Verse Download -

Diggy - Diggy What, Diggy Who

Diggy comes out with his first song in a lil while since bein signed finally. The youngest member of the All City Chess Club goes in on Jiggaland's beat.

Diggy Simmons Diggy What 2dope
Diggy Diggy What Diggy Who Download -

Curt@!n$ - Letter to the People Video

Dropped the track about last week I think now here comes the video...this dudes so real if you watch his interviews n shit.

Curt@!n$- Letter to the People Pt.1 from itscalmatic on Vimeo.

Black Pearl - Phone Tap

Black Pearl comes out on a 9th wonder remix.

Black Pearl Phone Tap rmx 2dope
Black Pearl Phone Tap Download -

Theophilus London I Want You Mixtape

Only Heard a few of his songs but its enough to know that he's dope and theres been some buzz on this album.

Theophilus London I Want You Mixtape Download -

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pac Div - Don't Mention It Mixtape

One of my favorite groups drops their new mixtape WAY sooner than was i was jus expecting to post their single off this from last night..guess not.

Pac Div Dont Mention It Download -

Eminem - Dispicable Freestyle

Eminem goes hard on a freestyle before his freestyle releases on Friday.

Eminem Dispicable Freestyle Download -

Charles Hamilton - Tax Evasion

Charles dropped this track last night as part of his music Mondays series, last on before Guacho which he previewed last night on his ustream.

Charles Hamilton Tax Eveasion Download -

Camron ft. KiD CuDi - You're Killin Me

Cool random matchup comin in on a dope track check it out.

Camron You're Killin Me Download -

Monday, April 26, 2010

Charles Hamilton

dude threw out a killer freestyle on ustream tonight ill throw it up tomorrow when i get it on youtube

Curren$y - Role Model

Curren$y, my second favorite rapper, hooks up with his friend, producer, and DD172 owner in this new track released through twitter

t055b changeups
Curren$y role model download -

Game - Red Room Mixtape

Game releases the highly anticipated album..should be hot ill post a review after I listen but what from what ive heard off it so far its dope..Download below.

01 400 Bars (Skeemix)
02 Ha Ha f. Nipsey Hussle
03 The Professionals f. Menace, Maad Maxx & Kanary Diamonds
04 Revolver Or The Semi f. Mysonne
05 Drop The World f. Kanary Diamonds
06 Never Stop Hustlin’ f. Fabolous
07 Gangsta
08 Gangs Of New York f. Jadakiss & Jim Jones
09 Trippin f. Kanary Diamonds
10 Everything Red f. Lil Wayne & ‘Shit
11 First Lady f. Kanary Diamonds
12 Lowrider f. Busta Rhymes
13 It Must Be Me f. Pharrell
14 Maad Maxxx Freestyle
15 Dopeman f. XO
16 Diamonds f. K-Young
17 Heartbreak Hotel f. Diddy
18 Slangin’ Rocks
19 Shake (TRV$ Remix)
20 Over (Juice & Mysonne) [Bonus Track]

Game Red Room Download -

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Curren$y - That Ain't Right

Oldddd ass Curren$y back when he was with TRU and the Rich Boys. Dope track tho check it.

Ill throw in some old videos too cuz he was like...a fuckin thug.

Hot N' Fun Music Video


Lupe Fiasco – Love Letter to the Beat

Rumored to be off the upcoming album "Lasers" but you cant be sure because theres two people on the track and Lupe isn't necessarily the predominant one in the song..sooo who knows. But its a pretty dope song..then again I think anything new by him is good...and i think its produced by The Neptunes cuz the beats killer and their style.

Lupe Fiasco Love Letter To The Beat 2dope
Lupe Fiasco Love Letter To The Beat Download -

Saturday, April 24, 2010

N.E.R.D. - Hot N' Fun

N.E.R.D. leaks one of their first songs in a while no wif your don't count soldier remixes. Fun upbeat song check it out.

N.E.R.D Hot N Fun Feat Nelly Furtado
N.E.R.D. Hot N' Fun Download -

Friday, April 23, 2010

Game & Nipsey Hussle - Ha Ha

Two of the best West Coast artist doin their thing right now collab on this track off the R.E.D. Room Mixtape

Game Ha Ha Freestyle Feat Nipsey Hussle 1
Game Ha Ha Download -

B.o.b. & T.I. - Not Lost

With his upoming album "The Adventures of Bobby Ray" coming up April 27th, this ripped single drops, not on the album tho. Its a banger check it out.

B.o.B Not Lost Feat T.I. 2dope
B.o.b. Not Lost Download -

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bambu ft. Thurzday (Yo Thurz) - Correctly Done

Yo Thurz (from one of my favorite groups U-N-I) hooks up with Bambu to throw together a solid track over a simple outspoken beat.

Bambu Correctly Done f. Thurzday
Bambu Correctly Done Download -

Necro – asBESTos

Necro goes REAL hard on the first leak off his album "Die", which you can all get your hands on May 18.

Necro asBESTos
Necro Asbestos Download -

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kid Cudi Going In A Whole New Direction For New Album "Man On The Moon II: Mr. Rager."

Cudi got off his Cudder idea for the new album and he's going for a more serious tone for his new album. This is what he had to say...I just hope he releases the original album on a mixtape or something along the lines cuz i was stoked for that...

"I started making this project like a collab album, filled with fun and upbeat records that for the most part left you with jack shit when you were finished listening. i took a step back, went on tour, and realized im where im at because of the type of songs i write. every time i read a comment from someone saying ive touched their lives in some way is what made me want to stop fucking around and continue pouring my life into my music. MOTM2 is dark by nature and instead of bringing you into my dreams like my first album, im bringing you into my reality. good and bad. it will explain more of who iam aswell as pushing the envelope musically. this project will focus on many dark, fun, and ignorant moments in my life since ive been kid cudi in a exciting and cinematic nature continuing the MOTM theme. this is my darkest work so far with a hint of fun and grooviness for those who like the classic chill cudi sound but elevated to another level. the things i cant speak will be the things i write. before anything else, you’d come to the conclusion i need a shrink, a stronger drug or a mentor. not a hug. a lot of you have read the news and think they know cudi, got some slick shit to say amongst your peers or just flat out hate me but you havnt the slightest clue of who iam. i will tell the story of Mr. Rager….

the sound: wouldnt you like to know

release: aiming for august

completed? almost, got upcoming sessions with RATATAT and Dot Da Genius on the production side. as far as features ill keep you posted but I DEF got Chip on 2 joints so far. cleveland maneeee

cudder fact: me and dot are a production duo, our first creation is on the new album.

im excited to see what you guys think and i hope you love the new direction. dream on"

Curt@!n$ - Letter to the People

If you watch his interviews this guys the coolest, realest, down to Earth dude..Oh yeah, he raps too..

Curtains Letter To The People Pt 1
Curtains Letter to the People Download -

Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y Interview

I swear to God these are the two funniest dudes on the planet hahaha

MTV First Date Video:

MTV First Date Outtakes:

Blu – BossCo.2

The rediculously talented and rediculously underrated freshman 10 Blu throws down a new track, wish he threw out more tracks. Anyways beat goes hard and Blu goes harder over it check it.

Blu BossCo.2 2dope
Blu BosCo.2 Download -

Mr. Hudson - Forever Young

Modern Remake of the classic that Jay-Z sported on his Forever Young track, which was really the reason it was so popular. This one didn't make Hudson's last album 'Straight No Chaser' but give it a listen.

Mr. Hudson Young Forever 2dope
Mr. Hudson Forever Young Download -

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Today marks 4/20, the global counterculture holiday celebrating all things cannabis.

Hemp and green huh? Is this just about glorifying pot and getting high? Believe it or not, my impetus for this project actually arose from political suggestion. We live in the State of California, one of 14 states in America that has legalized medical marijuana, with experts speculating almost nationwide acceptance over the next decade. Aside from gay marriage, marijuana legalization has become the most pertinent political issue for our generation. What’s the big deal anyways?

As many of you may or may not know, I don’t smoke weed. No, really, I don’t. But I wholeheartedly support legalizing marijuana use amongst responsible adults. Why? Basically, it really just doesn’t make sense not to.

The National Study on Drug Use and Health reports almost 100 million Americans have tried marijuana, while 15 million have used in the past month. Marijuana has historically been masked with the stoner’s stigma and framed as a gateway drug, however most of those fears have been allayed over generations of hardworking, tax-paying, pot smokers who haven’t fallen into addictions. Traditionally, the popular criticism held that cannabis use was inextricable from hardcore substances abuse, from degenerate criminal behavior, but clearly that philosophy has adjusted as well. We all know (or are) marijuana aficionados that do anything but.

Let’s consider the benefits, besides the obvious (Beavis chuckle). When most critics think of the magical green leaf, visions of hippies and unwieldy bongs dance in their head. But thankfully, much of that stereotype is being downgraded due to the success of medical marijuana treatment. It has already been clinically and empirically established that medicinal marijuana provides relief for patients suffering from devastating illnesses such as cancer and AIDS. Plus, the benefits for aging seniors are fast being recognized.

We should also consider the economic benefits that come by way of marijuana legalization. California, for one, could use marijuana’s assistance in it’s ailing agricultural industry right now. Quoted from Time Magazine: “It is estimated that pot is the largest cash crop in California, with annual revenues approaching $14 billion.” Man, that’s a lot of billions.

Let’s take it further, and talk about financial positives that come from reducing illegal marijuana-related crime. Marijuana proponents argue that decriminalization would subtract the basis for drug cartels. By virtually eliminating the black market for marijuana distribution, we’d deplete the trickle-down resources to the underworld, further lessening the opportunity and market for substantive illegal crime.

And what about taxation? The War on Drugs is more a war on our pocketbooks than anything else, what with overcrowded prisons and police units dedicated to chasing dope dealers. The stark truth is that we actually have much to financially gain by legalizing weed. Money that can be directed towards, for instance, schools and educational resources for our children. According to the LA Weekly, “Legalizing all banned drugs would benefit taxpayers nationwide by $77 billion per year by both generating new tax income and eliminating the costs of enforcement. Since marijuana represents about a third of the illicit-drug economy, legalizing pot would make a difference of roughly $25 billion.”

Man. THAT is a lot of billions.

Shall we consider the detriments? Historically, marijuana has been demonized for its effects and its connotations. Okay, it makes some people lazy and cartoonishly happy (and sometimes uncharacertistically funny). But the reality is no one has ever poisoned themselves with marijuana and no one has ever died as a direct result of smoking weed… ever. Meanwhile, alcohol gets a free pass as a recreational and legal right, although its’ abuse has been linked to cancer, violent crime and behavior, domestic abuse, and sexual assault.. Marijuana use has not. Overall, studies show that marijuana is far less addictive than alcohol, and the long-term health effects are nil compared to that of booze.

I think we’re all mature enough to admit that whether or not marijuana is legalized, those who are going to smoke it, will. And do. It’s fairly easy to obtain, even for minors, in many ways more facile than procuring liquor. There are 600 pot dispensaries sprinkled around Los Angeles, more than Starbucks. And within my own social circle, all are responsible recreational users, limiting smoking mostly to the confines of their private residence. Everyone from artists to cops to attorneys smoke on the DL, and for many, it’s not something that necessarily stops with college graduation. Just because weed is legalized, America will hardly fall into a state of Zombieland. Theoretically it shouldn’t operate any differently from the way it is now, if not improved. There are conjectures that legalization could even result in a decrease of marijuana use, since the associated taboo would be lifted. There is something reminiscent in all this of Prohibition logic.

So what’s it come down to? An irrational sense of legalism, a conservative fence of archaic blanket rules that are not only unreasonable but grounded on speculation and misinformation. Personally, it seems a bit hypocritical to attack marijuana, and spend so much of our resources raining on the cannabis parade when we should be focusing those efforts and tax dollars elsewhere (a plight shared by graffiti). But by criminalizing weed, we are contributing to black market commerce that elevates crime and evades taxation. And we are furthering the baseless myth of marijuana evils. I say, if we’re going to condemn marijuana, we need to apply the same logic to alcohol, to fatty foods, to automobile carcinogens, to plastics, pesticides, gossip rags, olives and mushrooms (just a selfish request), and down the line.

Otherwise, you’re just blowing smoke up our ass.

B.o.b. - The Kids

Another Jam off "The Adventures of Bobby Ray" featuring Janelle Monae...But make sure you support and buy the album the 27th..

4 19 B.o.B Ft. Janelle Monae The Kids
B.o.b. Kids Download -

Jay Electronica - A Million In The Morning

Yess, I've been waiting on some new Jay Electronica for a while now and I'm really feelin this track, itsgot a cool dreamy messin-with-your-head quality to it.

4 20 Jay Electronica A Million In The Morning
Jay Electronica A Million In The Morning Download -

Rich Hil ft.Travie Mccoy - Bad

I'm really impressed by both Rich Hil and Travie Mccoy lately. They're both showing up with some sick tracks including this collab. I'm really feelin this deeper tone song check it.

Rich Hil Bad Feat Travie McCoy
Rich Hil Travie Mccoy Bad Download -

N.E.R.D. ft. Fam-Lay - Soldier

Alternate version of one of my favorite tracks from my favorite *band* and one of my favorite artists N.E.R.D. .. This is jus teasing us for the Lil Wayne version out there.. Either way Fam-lay goes off on it take a listen.

N.E.R.D Soldier Feat Fam Lay 2dope
N.E.R.D. Fam-Lay Soldier Download -

Charles Hamilton - Press C

Another weekly track by Hamilton preparing us for his official single. He's earning back a lot of respect with these in my eyes.

Charles Hamilton Press C
Charles Hamilton Press C Download -

Monday, April 19, 2010


Its 4/20 and I'm expecting some dank ass music to be found as soon as I get the energy to well...move.

B.o.b & Eminem - Airplanes Part II

Another new track off The Adventures of Bobby Ray featuring the one and only eminem. Same basic instrumental as the first Airplanes but kinda more depressing haha. Eminem and B.o.b. both go hard on the track but theyre lyrics are more...serious. Its a banger tho and Eminems verse is just...woah. Its amazing what you can do to a song by changing a few things within the instrumental too.

B.o.B. Airplanes 2 feat. Eminem Hayley Williams
B.o.b Airplanes Part II Download - get it on itunes cuz i got a complaint..

L.E.G.A.C.Y. – Diamond

Never even heard of this guy before but this is a banger.

L.E.G.A.C.Y. Diamond f DJ Flash 2dope 1
L.E.G.A.C.Y. Diamond Download -

Cobe Obeah – Director’s Cut

He goes hard on his tracks forreal. Watch out for this dude hes gonna be big.

Director s Cut
Cobe Obeah Director's Cut Download -

B.o.b - Fame

New song off the upcoming album "The Adventures of Bobby Ray"

4 19 B.o.B Fame
B.o.b Fame Download -

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Logorama from Marc Altshuler - Human Music on Vimeo.


B.o.b ft. Lupe Fiasco - Past My Shades ..Off the upcoming album The Adventures of Bobby Ray, obviously a jam with these two together.

4 17 B.o.B. Ft. Lupe Fiasco Past My Shades
B.o.b Past My Shades Download -
Lil Wayne I'm Single Music Video ..Track is hot, music videos dope too.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Nas & Damian Marley – The Promised Land ..I love the feel of the songs off this album the reggae and rap mix is ill.

4 16 Nas And Damian Marley Ft. Dennis Brown The Promised Land
Nas and Damian Marley The Promised Land Download -

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mr. J. Medeiros – Brutus

11 Brutus
Mr. J. Medeiros Brutus Download -


The NiceGuys - The Green Room EP ..Not really sure when this came out I just found out about it tho..NiceGuys are the shit anyways so check it..ill throw a sample song off it called "Not At All" below.

05 Not At All
The Nice Guys The Green Room Ep Download -


UNI - Desha Dayana Video ..I like pretty much everything by UNI but this songs wicked good, didn't think they'd be able to make a video to it tho, anyways check it. Ill throw a download down below too.

UNI Desha Dayana Download -


Donnis - Gone (Music Video) ..Got a mainstream sound to it, cant say i dont like it tho..

Donnis - Gone [Unedited] (Directed by BBGUN) from bbgun on Vimeo.


Game - 400 Bars ..Game throws down a 20 minute freestyle over "Exhibit C". It's good but then again I got bored after 10 minutes.

Game 400 Bars Download -

Wednesday, April 14, 2010



Tuesday, April 13, 2010

KUSH X OK TOMORROW MORNING ..tracklist for now.

Game - It Must Be Me

Game It Must Be Me 2dope
Game It Must Be Me Download -
Charles Hamilton - I Hate Parties

4 13 Charles Hamilton I Hate Parties
Charles Hamilton I Hate Parties Dwonload -

Marky - Hello, Good Evening

Marky Hello Good Eveninging Download -
Kid Cudi ft. Snoop Dogg That Tree Music Video

Monday, April 12, 2010

B.o.b - Airplanes ft. Hayley Williams ..Legitamately the only good song ive heard in about...3 days. sick. Purchase on itunes tomorrow dont be cheapp.

B.o.B - Airplanes ft. Hayley Williams of Paramore [Explicit] by Atlantic Records